So we have started a whisky blog. Why?


Most whisky blogs are unbearably bad. Littered with irrelevant tasting notes and dishonest rating systems, which somehow end up rating all whiskies pretty good out of 100. The fact is that the experience of whisky is hugely affected by all the stuff not in the bottles: The story behind the specific bottles. The context it is being ingested in. This is what we want to write about.

Bruichladdich, April 2009


We have decided that whisky is not an interest, escape or a pile of collectables. It is a passion and a life style. We want to expunge whisky from its traditional comfort zone and bring it into inspiring social contexts and the center of fulfilling adventures. We will strive to make these efforts a good read. Thus we want to show that worshipping the dram is not reserved for old red nosed drunks with a tasting journal ready at hand.

MacY Festival 2011



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2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Gotta love the sentiment! The honest to God no bullshit. Gents, the way you disclose why you have begun the blog is just priceless. Looking forward to following this in the future.

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