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Tasting whisky at Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi

dansk maltwhisky akademi in bjødstrup on djursland

This summer we visited Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi (Danish Malt Whisky Academy) to have an exclusive whisky tasting. Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi is located in Bjødstrup on the Djursland peninsula in Denmark. It is a whisky importer, whisky distributor and small scale independent whisky bottler. It is also a membership club, which gets you the small bi-monthly magazine “Malten” as well as invitations to various whisky events. The owner and spiritual leader Flemming Gerhardt-Pedersen also does whisky tastings around Denmark, so visiting him on his home turf made it possible to experience all the services Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi can provide.

It was a nice evening with some fine or at least interesting drams. A treat saved for last was a particularly foul whisky, which Flemming thinks is the worst single malt in the world.

flemming gerhardt-pedersen at dansk maltwhisky akademi

The exact line-up of the evening was not prearranged, but something we discussed with Flemming upon arrival. The line-up was based on our preferences and his current stock of bottles. We decided to divide the tasting into two parts: One part in his tasting room with a shared 4 bottle line-up and a second part in his office and where we tasted individually from his bottle storage.

Macduff 9 2000 Creative Whisky Milton Duff 11 1998 Macduff Golden Cask Bowmore 22 1989 Liquid Sun

The shared line-up consisted of three independent single cask bottlings as well as one of his own bottlings:

Macduff 9 2000 Creative Whisky Exclusive Range cask 5779 45%
Milton Duff 11 1998 Macduff Golden Cask CM140 57%
Bowmore 22 1989 Liquid Sun single cask bourbon hogshead 50.7%
Aultmore 16 1997 DMWA single cask 3585 54.6%

During the line-up we were treated with examples of Flemming’s extensive inside knowledge on the history and development of the different Scottish distilleries and whisky companies. He did not miss the chance to offer a few of his personal opinions about the matter. Including that he thought the very prolific young Danish whiskies from Stauning Distillery have not matured enough, and taste more like akvavit than whisky.

Flemming gerhardt-pedersen and Aultmore 16 1997 DMWA single cask 3585 54.6%

The final bottle in the shared line-up was his own Aultmore Cask Owners Selection DMWA bottling. For his asking price it is a very decent Speyside whisky, but without too much going on – it is not a hidden gem.

martin skou whisky tasting at dansk maltwhisky akademi danny kreutzfeldt whisky tasting at dansk maltwhisky akademi

Enjoying the drams. Especially the Bowmore, which one of us ended up buying.

dansk malt whisky akademi in bjødstrup

On the way back to the office for the 2nd part of the tasting, a wild beast attacks.

edradour 15 tokaji matured release

Having tasted another handful of different whiskies indvidually in the office (including some fine old Bunnahabain and his two interesting Mortlach single casks) it was time for the final treat: The potentially worst single malt in the world. The Edradour 15 Tokaji Matured release.

No question this was a bad whisky. Even after a nice tasting on a glorious summer evening. While some of its complete absence in terms of complexity, depth and aftertaste were partly down to the strain of the tasting buds of the other whiskies we had been through, it contrarily did not lack character or substance. However, it was in no way a pleasant one, mainly consisting of a thick oily collision of tastes and smells close to decomposing fruits and vegetables spiced with curry.

dansk maltwhisky akademi independent bottlings danish whisky

Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi is the perfect place to go hunting for independent bottlings and single cask whiskies in Jutland. The prices for tastings, samples and bottles is totally decent compared to Danish standards. If you have solid background knowledge, Flemming is generous with both anecdotes, opinions and recommendations.


If you are unable to make the trip to Djursland, Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi has a website on http://dmwa.dk from where you can place international ordrers on some of his stock. It is however not the most userfriendly nor the most contemporary of websites, as the above front page screen shot indicates.

whisky sunset over djursland jutland denmark

This was our second visit over the last couple of years. Each time has easily been worth the effort. There’s a direct bus from Aarhus, which stops in Bjødstrup a couple of times each evening. The bus trip itself takes 45 mins and passes through some quintessential Eastern Jutlandian scenery. It is recommended you enjoy it around sunset with a recent purchase from Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi.