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Black Metal Blend

What to do with boring near-empty whiskies? How to hit the right mood for a black metal concert? This guide answers both.

Boring near-empty whiskies are a common problem in any sensible whisky collection. A near-empty bottle loses taste fast, so either you have to geek out and pour the whisky into a smaller bottle, or you have to drink it. If the whisky has started boring you since the opening neither of these seem worth the effort.

The right mood for a black metal concert comes easy for some and not at all for others. But even the first group of people may still need some aid: The band does not play up to expectations. Local support acts strain your patience with mediocrity. The venue is poorly suited for the action. In all instances; the right kind of intoxication helps. However, due to the unpredictability of most concert schedules, getting warmed-up at home is a balance act between arriving late and arriving sober to the support acts. And most venues only offer bland lager and generic booze. This will not help to set the mood for grim Nordic darkness.

To solve both problems you will need something like this:

Black Metal Blend
GlenDronach 12, Talisker 10, Finlaggan Original Peaty, Big Peat, Hip flask

Getting the size of the hip flask right is important. Bringing a flask is frowned upon by most venues, so it has to be concealable. Secondly you need to figure out how many acquaintances you are likely to pass the flask around to at the venue, and if any of them are bringing their own flask to pass around. Missing this last bit of info is a common reason for downfall.

There is something about peated smokey whisky that fits black metal. Maybe it is because peat has a brooding Nordic character to it. Maybe the smoke is bit like standing next to a burning church. There is a lot of peated whisky around for small money these days – it seems that you cannot pass your local street corner without someone throwing peat at you and not asking for more than a couple of dimes – hence; it is easy to end up with too many strange bottlings and blends of Islay malts (Finlaggan, The Ileach, Smokey Joe, Islay Storm, Black Bottle, Auld Reekie, Smokehead, Big Peat, Islay Mist,..). It is recommended to fill 3/4 of the flask with your boring near-empty peated whiskies.

Cutting yourself to add blood will probably set the mood, but it is not recommended because it will dilute the blend, and most likely make you too dizzy to withstand the blast beats. Instead we recommend filling 1/4 of the flask with boring sherry/wine cask finished whisky. This will give the blend a fitting soft bloody edge, but will also very likely improve the one dimensional character of the whiskies in the blend. Cask finishes is another type of whisky undergoing inflation right now, which means the truly priceless gems (like Bruichladdich Black Art 2) are well hidden beneath heaps of intriguing whiskies that quickly lose appeal. These boring specimens pile up, and are put to better use in a blend than open on the shelf.

Ok, now shake it, enter the venue, drink when you need to – and you are ready to join the fun.


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