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whisser danish whisky blog by Danny Kreutzfeldt & Martin Skou

Whisser is a Danish whisky blog featuring the rants and adventures of two Danish peatheads. We write about whisky from a personal and opinionated point of view based on personal experiences and 1st hand accounts.

Whisser was started in 2012 because we found most other whisky blogs unbearably bad. Littered with irrelevant tasting notes and dishonest rating systems, which somehow end up rating all whiskies pretty good out of 100. The fact is that the experience of whisky is hugely affected by all the stuff not in the bottles: The story behind the specific bottles. The context it is being ingested in. This is what we write about.

We think whisky should be present at inspiring social contexts and as the center of fulfilling adventures. We do not think worshipping the dram should be reserved for old red nosed drunks with a tasting journal ready at hand.

Whisser is eastern Jutlandian slang for a glass of whisky.

whisser peat at stauning martin skou

Who is Whisser

Danny Kreutzfeldt
Danny Kreutzfeldt.Lives in Aarhus and works with the world wide web.

Prefers expensive peaty stuff and the silky waters of the Ballantruan Spring.

Also runs a doom metal label.

Martin Kjær Skou.Lives in Voldby. Has a background in philosophy and works with marketing.

Fond of peat. Likes barrel aged beers.

Martin Skou at taste the doom trøjborg beboerhus

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